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No, we’re not in Las Vegas, this is Milan’s own flamingo colony!

Also, smugly, the new girl at work is italian, and near Milan. Her surname is Invernizzi so my first conversation went a little like this:

Me: Hi, I’m Sarah, nice to meet you

New girl: Hi I’m ——- Invernizzi

Me: Ah! Invernizzi! Like the cheese family

*rolling her eyes*: yes I get that a lot

_rest of team who are English_ :cheese family?!

Me: Yes a famous cheese family name, they also have a villa in Milan with flamingoes

_everyone in office_: flamingoes in Milan?! Yeah right Sarah! Looks to new girl to back me up.

New girl: what?

_me frantically googling_: look! Flamingoes in Milan!

Office: wow that’s pretty

My boss: Sarah, are you trying to out Italian the Italian?!

Me: obvs!


Later me to another Italian colleague: and I taught her something about Milan she didn’t know

Him: of course you did darling, you’re more Italian that the real Italians are!

I’ll take that!

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