Wine not?


Just a quick blog today to get me back in the game after a long absence. The story behind the birth of Signor Vino, an enoteca (wine bar) and shop specialising in 100% Italian wines. There are 2 in Milan and they offer an informal setting where you can meet with friends and try a good bottle of wine for a reasonable price along with an aperitivo tray or they do serve food.

What you may not know is its connection to Intimissimi, the well-known lingerie chain that has now even ventured into England and is sold across the world. Intimissimi and Signor Vino are both owned under the umbrella of Calzedonia. This is fact. But the nicer story relating the two, I can’t find documented on the internet, but since I like the story, I’ll share it all the same.

The owner of Calzedonia started off with an underwear outlet near Verona. Women would come from miles to buy their lingerie. But, as any visitor to shopping centres worldwide can attest, where women’s shops are usually circled by a crowd of bored looking men waiting for their partners to “just hurry up and pick something”, men folk aren’t the biggest fan of shopping. Not least of underwear shopping!

In England, you’d probably leave your partner in the “man-crèche” i.e. the pub while you did the rounds of the shops. In Italy, of course, they do things that little bit classier. And so Signor Vino was born, as a haven for Italian men to sit and enjoy a glass of fine wine while their partner can take her time in one of the great pleasures of being female. I’m sure the wine helps the partner to relax a little and think less about the potential damage wifey may be doing to the bank account!


Here’s a good example in Milan of the Signor Vino upstairs from the Intimissimi. But in a twist to the story, this Intimissimi is actually the men’s branch. Meaning that this Signor Vino should really be for the women to sit and have a catch up over a nice bottle of wine, although I think will all the incredible shopping opportunities in Milan, I’d rather be hitting the shops myself!

Can anyone else back up this story for me?!

Maybe Calzedonia need to go one step further to combine to two, and create their own brand of Vinderpants!




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