Go because you want to…

Because wanting to leave is enough….

Cheryl Strayed – Tiny Beautiful Things

The more time I spend in Italy, the more my lives feel blurred. Which life is the real one? Which one is home? I struggle to amalgamate the two. Am I Sarah, in England, in a job I (mostly) love, the joker, the Muslim, hates driving, the one who has crazy schemes and is late for absolutely everything, or am I Sara, in. Italy, in a job I adore, in a place I am completely in love with, the bubbly, friendly one who loves driving and is still as madcap as English Sarah, but it seems a bit more in place here.

Can I be both? 

Am I really neither? 

They say you take on another persona when you start to speak a different language. The way you form sentences is completely different. I found it to a certain extent with Persian, but with Italian, I feel like a completely different person. Possibly a person I like more. Sara seems more sure of what she wants, where she’s headed. But that could just be because Sarah knows she doesn’t want to be in England forever. Not that she doesn’t know where she’s headed, just that she doesn’t want to be here.

Boarding at Gate A10. Last call….leave Sara at the gate.

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