Getting a haircut, Milanese style

To test my newly acquired language skills, I  decided to throw myself into the deep end and get a haircut. Here was a scenario where it could go well, or incredibly wrong!

I brushed up on my hairdresser related vocab using Girl in Florence’s handy guide. (First word to learn was Parrucchiere, which , for me, doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue!) and used the handy app from Salonist to research a nearby, decently rated and reasonably priced hairdresser.

My parrucchiere of choice was Amina Style, not far from school and I walked up after class, frantically reading through my cheat sheet of vocabulary.

Ho un appuntamento alle 3″

I muttered, nervously, especially since I was late and it was now 15.30.

But the lovely people at the salon didnt bat an eyelid and quickly got me settled down into my chair. They spent a lot of time talking to me (in baby Italian) so that they were certain of what I wanted, and complimented my Italian several times, which always makes a girl feel good!

They did, however, spend an awful lot of time discussing my dandruff (la forfora) between them, not in the least bit embarrassing! A change of water always makes it worse!

After the colour was washed out, I was handed over to a lovely lady to cut my hair.

“Solo un po, per favore”

But to be adventurous I added:

“Ma con scalati”

The cut took only a few minutes as she expertly snipped at my hair. When she’d done as I asked she looked at me, head slightly cocked to one side and asked if I’d like more layers at the back. My usually cautious self threw caution to the wind, and said (as per Girl in Florence‘s recommendation):

“Che cosa mi consiglia?”

And with that rein of freedom, she was off, and I momentarily panicked as an awful lot of my hair seemed to cascade around my feet…

But, it was worth it. She really knew what she was doing, and after drying and curling my hair, I genuinely did not recognise the girl in the mirror.

As I left, she looked at me and said:

Well, needless to say, I left the salon feeling like the glammest Milanese princess ever!

The whole experience had taken over 3 hours, and for much less than I would’ve paid in England.

I used to travel 90km to my favourite hairdressers, back in my home town of Leeds….Guess I’ve taken that to a new level now that I have to travel to Milan to get my hair done!

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