Ma lasciarti non è possibile

Ancora tu, non mi sorprende lo sai

Ancora tu, ma non dovevamo vederci più.

E come stai? Domanda inutile.

Stai come me e ci scappa da ridere.


It’s you again, it doesn’t surprise me, you know.
It’s you again,  but I thought we’d never meet again.
And how are you? A useless question.
You’re doing the same as me, and we can’t help but laugh about it.


Milan seems to have some sort of inexplicable hold over me. I fell in love the first time I visited and it’s always stayed with me. Something always happens when I’m there that makes me sink further into what feels like an unrequited love affair with this city and I’m not sure how I can remove myself from this cycle of ultimate highs and heatbreaks unless I live here.

Milano never fails to break my heart.

2 thoughts on “Ma lasciarti non è possibile

  1. Thank you for visiting my blog. My trip is only for 5 weeks. Looks like you’ve taken the bigger plunge! Good luck with everything. I certainly hope I’ll be back. Italy does that to you!!!!


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