You are all my errors

Tu sai difendermi e farmi male

Ammazzarmi e ricominciare

A prendermi vivo

Sei tutti i miei sbagli.

You are all my errors.
Public transport in Italy, in my opinion, is unnecessarily complicated.
First example, you can’t buy a ticket on a bus, you need to go to a tabaccheria and buy your ticket in there. When I ask Italians why this is, there are 2 reoccurring answers. The most common response being that if the driver was to sell tickets then the bus would be held up by the queue, and the second, that the bus drivers aren’t trusted to handle money. Both pretty ridiculous as far as I’m concerned, no? so I’ve got to go out of my way to find an open tabaccheria (nigh impossible over the lunch period in some towns) and buy a ticket, knowing exactly where I’m going and what bus company I’m using?

The next one I need to gripe about is the tram system, I’m talking specifically about Milan here, I’ve not had that experience elsewhere, gotta have an ATM ticket already (ATM machines, unhelpfully being the machines you buy your travel tickets at, not where you can witdraw money!), can’t buy on the tram, don’t have machines by the tram stops, if you’ve already validated your ticket then it’s valid for 90 minutes and one Metro ride. Confused much?!

Trains, my first encounter with Italian public transport, buy a ticket in station, get on train, conductor checks, arrive at destination, simple right? Not in Italy. It goes a little more like this: buy a ticket in station, get on train, conductor checks and then freaks out that you’ve not validated the ticket, shouts at you in very angry, unintelligible Italian,  arrive at destination a cowering shadow of your former self!

I’m getting to grips with it, slowly, and can now sail around the Milanese Metro like a local, and trains no longer phase me (unless the ticket office is shut and I have to face a train without a ticket – Italian authority scares me senseless!) but there’s still that grain of fear that lingers every time I’m faced with the prospect of navigating the Italian public transport system.

Well tonight, I think I may have conquered many fears. I managed to navigate the Metro, a tram, ask for directions, and take a taxi alone, and on top of those personal accomplishments,  attended my first concert alone.

I had 2 tickets, but in the end my friend couldn’t make it, so I did it alone. This Milan chapter is all about jumping in head first into things, and do you know the best part of attending a concert alone? Dancing all night like a dickhead and not knowing anyone or ever having to see any of them again 🙂

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