Milan Language school

Well, if I’m going to live and work in Italy forever, I need to brush up on the language…So I embark upon my 2 weeks of language school. I choose Scuola Leonardo da Vinci based on it’s vicinity to Navigli – already my favourite place in Milan, and good reviews on the internet.

I arrive late on a Sunday night, slightly apprehensive but am greeted by entire landlord’s family to my room in a shared house a 15 minute walk from Romolo station. My new home,Via Ettore Ponti which will now forever etched in my heart, as well as a love for the green metro line.

Monday morning I’m up early because I want to go for the level placement test and what essentially comes out of that is that my general understanding is fairly good, but my grammar *sucks*!

My lesson plan is general Italian in the mornings with the wonderful Claudio, and a speaking class in the afternoon. It’s pretty intense being thrown in the deep end with lessons conducted only in Italian, but incredibly rewarding and satisfying realising how quickly you can pick it up.

My class is a  completely mixed, and utterly inspiring bag. Amongst them are people who have just decided to pack in their current lives, and move to Milan. I take my hat off to these guys. They truly are Living the Dream.

5 thoughts on “Milan Language school

  1. I’d love to follow your blog but you need to add a follow me button. Look in the wp admin. Got to widgets and add there! Good luck with it all. Are you really just doing one year????


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